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Phoenix > Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo, Voted One of the Nation's Top 5 Zoos for Kids, was the largest non-profit zoo in United States. Opened in 1962 from the vision of Robert Maytag the zoo began to grow from the 1970s and today has 1,300 animals on display and has 2.5 miles of walking trails.

The main attractions of the zoo are:

  • Arizona Trail - the area is designed to emulate the wildlife and plant life in Arizona. It includes animals such as coyote, mountain lion, bobcat, bald eagle, raven, thick billed parrot, and the Mexican grey wolf.
  • Africa Trail - the area hots animals such as White Rhino, meerkats, African Lions, Sumatran Tigers, Cheetah, African Wild Dogs, Ostrich, and Big Horn Sheep.
  • Tropics Trail - the inner Tropical Trail has the Tropical Flights aviary as well as Monkey Village; the outer Tropical Trail displays Asian elephants, black jaguar, tortoises, iguanas, capybaras, anteaters and Komodo dragon.
  • Children's Trail - the area allows children get close to small mammals including wallabys, an ocelot, a caracal, an African crested porcupine, raccoons, Siamang gibbons, and golden-mantled tamarins.
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