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Opened in 2001 by acclaimed Italian Chef Gino Angelini, Osterias one of LA’s most celebrated restaurants where people can eat very country Italian food and to taste a glass of particular wine, without need to order the entire bottle. The simple food and wines are often original products, small productions not always easy to find. In a word, real gourmet specialties.

The Chef
Born on July 13, 1953 in San Clemente, slightly inland from the seaside city of Rimini in Italy’s richest food region, Emilia Romagna, Gino Angelini has devoted his life to food and its preparation from the age of 14.

At 23 he became the youngest chef of a five-star hotel restaurant, The Ambasciatori. Since then, he has served every Italian head of state including the Prime Ministers Craxi and Adreotti.

In 1995, Chef Angelini came to the United States as chef of Rex, il Ristorante in Los Angeles. He received acclaim for both his inventive and traditional Italian cuisine. In late 1997, Chef Angelini opened Vincenti Restaurant in Brentwood. Named one of the “25 Best Restaurants” by Esquire Magazine (December 1997) and the “best New Restaurant in Los Angeles” by Los Angeles Magazine (August 1998), Vincenti was a critical and commercial smash. In June 1999, the Los Angeles Times Magazine described Gino Angelini as, “hands down, the best Italian chef in LA.”

In October 2001, Angelini opened his own restaurant, Angelini Osteria after his decision to stay in Los Angeles

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Tueday-Friday 12-2:30
Daily except Mondays 5:30-10:30

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