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Eric Greenspan, who made his reputation as Executive Chef at Patina and the opening chef at Meson G, launches the Foundry on Melrose. The new 90 seat restaurant, located between Vista and Gardner has been renovated to utilize new world, industrial materials while reflecting an old world warmth and charm. This look will mirror the chef's cutting edge and modern flair amongst the foundation of classic technique.

Eric, who has worked at such influential award-winning restaurants such as Union Pacific and Alain Ducasse at the Essex House, and alongside such Michelin-acclaimed chefs as David Bouley and Ferran Adria of El Bulli offers a limited, ever-changing ala carte menu, blending bold flavors, perfect technique and creative touches that reflect the American, French, and Spanish influences on his career.

While sophisticated in both preparation and presentation, there is often a touch of whimsy to Erics cooking, a style that can only be summed up by "modern American." While tasting menus will also be available, including a vegiatrian option, the ala carte menu will feature luxure items with humble ingedients creating an upscale, causally elegant feel; "fine dining for the everyday man."

The restaurant's comfortable contemporary interior, courtesy of Sandy Davidson (Meson G, Rocca) flawlessly parallels both the imaginative, modern elements and the warm, traditional base of the cuisine. The venue's hand-crafted, art-deco feel has been inspired by the craftsmanship of the Machine Age and the industrial innovation of Streamline Moderninsm. Sconces fabricated from vintage heat registers, wood and steel accents, antique light fixtures and colorful abstract art from the times provide a warm and inviting background.

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