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"Experience The Flavor

Peruvian Cuisine is a flavorful, diverse, culinary influence of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French and British traditions. Partake in Orlando's newest, exciting restaurant specializing in authentic Peruvian Cuisine, El Inka Grill in Hunters Creek.

One of El Inka Grill's signature items is their Ceviche, made fresh with the highest quality ingredients. They offer four traditional, yet unique Ceviche dishes, one being; Ceviche De Pescado; a classic Peruvian white fish marinated in fresh lime citrus juices with garlic, onions, cilantro and rocoto pepper.

Relax and dine, indoor or out, in comfort with Peruvian ambiance and music. Lighten the mood with El Inka's Signature Sangria, made fresh by the glass or by the pitcher. A warm welcoming staff offers superior service while making your experience memorable.

Savor the popular Lomo Saltado; a traditional dish of sliced beef sautéed with onions and tomatoes, white wine and soy sauce reduction served with rice.

Fresh from the sea; Arroz Con Mariscos (Peruvian Paellla); a flavorful dish of rice blended with seafood in achiote oil, tasty broth, red pepper and white rice.

Top it off a dish of Peruvian Flan or Torta De Chocolate. No dining experience would be complete without a decadent dessert. Linger over an expresso or cappuccino, to complement the perfect evening."

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