Ostrich Festival




Watch the ostriches run at the Tumbleweed Park!!

The annual Ostrich Festival is a must see in Chandler with more than just ostrich including a parade with antique cars, horses, high school marching bands and creative floats, and live music with nationally known artists on the Main Stage, top local artists at the Community Stage and family music and entertainment at the Chandler Ranch Stage. For meat lovers, try the exotic ostrich burger.

The fun does not ends here. There are other dozen interesting shows running throughout the day including Live Ostrich Display, Petting Zoo with 100 animals, Kids Zone, Pig Races, Camel Races, Medieval Jousting, Amateur/Professional Boxing, Freakshow, science show and the following must see shows -

  • Dock Dogs: dogs running down a 40’ dock and diving into a pool of water after an object.
  • Stunt & Thrill Show: circus show featuring The Fearless Flores Family in the The Fearless Flores Family where 2 motorcycles at the same time racing around and criss-crossing over the top
  • Rhinestone Roper: cowboy trick roping , knife throwing , bullwhip cracking, gun spinning, fast draw shooting
  • Ostrich Races: watch the large bird running at 40 MPH
  • Marcus - Juggler - Prop Comedian: the show includes Escape Artistry, Juggling, Magic(Burning thumbs, card trick), Stunts(Food Launchers, Flaming Hats, Fire Eating & Balancing ActsRubik's Cube(in seconds), Dueling Spoons, Comedy.
  • Wild About Monkeys: watch trained baboons doing fun stuffs on stage
  • Archery Show: watch Ross and Elisa hit the string of a balloon, slice a piece of newspaper edge-wise, shoot an arrow from a crossbow and hit a hand size-target and a deck of playing cards from across the stage and watch Ross turns his back on his wife, place a crossbow over his shoulder pointing away from him and towards Elisa, and hit a target on her head with an arrow.


March 11-13, 2011

Admission Fee

Adult $9
Seniors $8
Youth $7 (5 to 12 years of age)
Children Free (4 and under)


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