How to Add Restaurant

Step 1

Make sure the restaurant has not been added by browsing all the restaurants or browse the restaurant from a town.

Step 2

If the town has not been added, add the town first before adding the restaurant to the town.

Step 3

Put the name of the restaurant to see in the box. And click Add button. Please put the following format in the box:

(country name) (state name) (town name) (restaurant name)

So for example to add KFC in New York City, New York State, United States, you should enter:

us ny new york kfc

Step 4

Replace the name of the title with the correct name by removing the country name, state/province name and city name. Click Save button below to save the page.

Step 5

Link the restaurant to a town by selecting Option link below and click Parent.

Step 6

Enter page name of the parent page. First type in "town" and then you should see a drop down of the available towns. Select the town that you want to add the restaurant to and click Save.

Step 7

When to add the restaurant to the town successfully, you should see a bread crumb links below the title.

Step 8

To add pictures to the page, select Files link from below. Click Upload a file from your computer and then click Select File button. You will see a pop-up window to select the images to upload. You can select multiple images at a time by using Shift or Ctrl. Click Upload File to complete uploading the image files. You will see a Upload Complete message below when upload is done. Refresh the page again and then you should see images at the Gallery section.

Step 9

Add a default image on top by clicking Edit link below to edit the page. Replace the imagefileurl with the url of the images. You can also replace the whole line with the image link generated from insert image wizard (icon with green box with a blink). Select attach file to choose the image from the file just uploaded. Change image size to small. Click insert code to finish.

Step 10

Click Edit link to complete the other sections

  • Specialty: What makes the restaurant special.
  • Goodies: Restaurant highlights. Food to eat at the restaurant.
  • Location: Address or approximate location of the restaurant.
  • Link: URL link to the restaurant if available.
  • Feel free to add additional sections.
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