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The Arizona Wing Museum has on display many WWII artifacts and memorabilia from the War Years to the Home Front. Many of these artifacts have been donated to the Arizona Wing by veterans and their families wanting to see them displayed to the public.

The type of aircrafts on display are:

  • Bombers/Sub Hunters: B-17G Flying Fortress, TB-25N Mitchell, AFS2 Guardian
  • Fighters/Attackers/Escorts: F4N Phantom II, MiG-15bis, MiG-21 Fishbed, A-26 Invader, P-47 Thunderbolt (1/2 scale), RAF S.E.5a (3/4 scale)
  • Trainers/Gliders: SNJ T-6 Texan, TG-3A Glider, MiG-15 UTI Midget, PT-17 Stearman Kaydet
  • Cargo/Utility/Other: Twin Beech C-45, L-16 Grasshopper, Sikorsky S-55 Whirlwind

Minimum Time Needed

2 Hours


Winter Hours(October - May)
7 days 10:00AM - 4:00PM
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day
Summer Hours(May - October)
Wednesday - Sunday 9:00AM - 3:00PM

Admission Fee

Summer Pricing(June - September)
Ages 13-Adult $7.00
Ages 5-12 $3.00
Under 5 Free
Winter Pricing(October - May)
Seniors (62+) $9.00
Ages 13-Adult $10.00
Ages 5-12 $3.00
Under 5 Free


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