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Mesa Arizona Temple is the first Mormon Temple in Arizona located just east of the original Mesa Townsite. The template was settled by Mormon pioneers and anchors a historic district. The Mesa Arizona Temple has unique architecture as it is one of three temples built with no towers or spires and the architect who designed the temple also designed the Utah Capitol Building. Visitors could visit the public visitors' center as well as grounds of the temple, which feature a cactus garden and large reflection pools.

The most popular season to visit is the Easter season when thousands of guests to the temple grounds every year to watch Jesus the Christ, the largest annual outdoor easter pageant in the world.

Another popular time to visit is during Christmas time when the grounds are converted to an exquisite Nativity display accented by hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights.

The Mesa Arizona Temple is one of three temples built with no towers or spires. (The others are the Laie Hawaii Temple and the Cardston Alberta Temple.)

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2 Hours


Visitor Center
Sunday - Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

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