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Lompoc's flower fields is located in Lompoc Valley, a place having the most consistent temperate climate in the world with cool, moist summers that attracted flower growers for almost 100 years. The flowers begin blooming in Mid May, peaking in mid to late June, Fields continue blooming until August. Some isolated fields may be in bloom as late as October.

The flower industry in the valley dates back to early 1900s when mustard was harvested for seed. Fragrant sweet peas, one of the valley's first flower seed crops, were introduced for export to England.

Today visitors will see many varieties of flowers including sweet peas, larkspur, stocks, alyssum, delphinium, marigolds and others.

Lompoc Valley Flower Festival is held on the last weekend in June and features numerous events including parade, food, entertainment, arts and crafts and carnivals.

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2 Hours


Mid May to August

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