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Golden Gate Park is one of the most visited city parks in all of America with more than 1,000 acres of space located in the heart of San Francisco. Golden Gate Park attracts visitors to its many gardens, conservatory, museums and historic windmills.

Plan to build a usable park for residents and visitors to enjoy out of the bleak sand and shore dunes in San Francisco began in 1860s.
After the blueprint of the park was done in 1870, the project to transform the ocean sand dunes into tree filled park began the year after. And by 1875 Golden Gate Park already had 60,000 trees including Blue Gum Eucalyptus and the Monterey Pine. The number of trees more than doubled to 155,000 four years later and in 1903 the Dutch Windmills was built to pump water throughout the park.

Golden Gate Park continued addition of attractions throughout the years including Japanese Tea Garden in 1894, San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum in 1890 and De Young Museum which was built 1921 and re-opened in 2005 after renovation.

Enjoy a whole day of fun in Golden Gate Park from the following attractions:

  • Garden: AIDS Memorial Grove, San Francisco Botanical Garden, Japanese Tea Garden, Rose Garden, Garden of Shakespeare’s Flowers, Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden, Conservatory of Flowers.
  • Windmills: The North (Dutch) Windmill, The South (Murphy) Windmill.
  • Museum: Beach Chalet, Park Chalet, California Academy of Sciences, De Young Museum
  • Other Attraction: Buffalo Paddock, Strawberry Hill, Children’s Playground

Minimum Time Needed

Whole Day


All day. Gardens and museums hour varies

Admission Fee

Gardens and museums ddmission varies


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