Litchfield Park





Founded in 1916, Litchfield Park is a small town with population of 5,593 about 16 miles west of Phoenix.

Litchfield Park started in 1916 when Goodyear Tire and Rubber bought farm land to grow Egyptian long-staple cotton to use in tire cords. The project was developed by a junior Goodyear executive named Paul Litchfield and for whom the company town was named after in 1926. Litchfield Park was headquarter of Goodyear Farm and was also the test site for Goodyear tire from 1931 to 1944. Finally in 1960 a master-plan was designed for development of self-sufficient villages.

Today half a million visitors come to Litchfield Park to see endangered species and exotic sealife at Wildlife World Zoo. Litchfield Park also features golf courses at the luxury The Wigwam Spa and Resort. Nearby Lichfield Park are hiking at Estrella Mountain Regional Park, petroglyphs at White Tank Regional Park, auto racing at Phoenix International Raceway, and music concert at Cricket Wireless Pavilion.



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